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Academy Technology

Academy Pathways II

This course introduces students to basic skills for the Adobe Creative Suite, Google Drive, and HTML skills.  Students in this course design their own newspaper, coloring book, web page, and create presentations. In Academy Pathways 2-3, students are exposed to skills they will use in Academy Pathways 3-4 in order to help them determine which pathway they would like to pursue.

Academy Pathways IIII-IV

This course provides students with exposure to advanced forms of technology within

selected pathway. Students in Advanced Technology will hone specific technical skills

working with a mentor.  Students will be expected to complete a variety of

projects within the selected pathway. 

Yearbook: This pathway utilizes the online Balfour program as well as photoshop to create the school's yearbook.

Small Business: This pathway presses and embroiders clothing, makes buttons, and makes their own transfers and business deals with the outside customers.

Animation: This pathway works to make 3D objects and works a lot with the programs Light Wave Layout and Light Wave Monitor.

Digital Media: This pathway makes the highlight reels for sports and any videos that need to be made and edited for the Academy.

Desktop Publishing: This pathway creates the sports programs and the homecoming programs.  They work with photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

Navigators: This pathway works on the computers to fix problems and help with technical difficulties.

Journalism: This pathway writes articles about school activities as well as sporting events to publish in the schools online newspaper, "The Falcon Beat."  They also maintain the schools website.