Art classes are structured to introduce the fundamentals of art, elements and principals of design, understanding art appreciation while having hands-on experience. Students will explore many mediums to create their own works of art. Beginning students will learn basic skills, while intermediate and advanced students will work on developing their own style. Advanced students interested in applying to art schools can obtain an AP Portfolio Packet offering guidelines for portfolio judging criteria. Student Work and Class Links
Mr. Ellis       

Peer Helping
A class designed to train students to identify and effectively assist students having troubles with personal relationships at school. We will be training in an ongoing fashion throughout the school year. Our training topics will include, but not be limited to:

Conflict mediation
Team building
Effective communication
Leadership skills  
Trust building 
Prejudice and stereotype awareness

Our materials will include training manuals in Student Leadership and conflict Mediation acquired from the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office after teacher training workshops. We will also use the textbook "Friends Helping Friends: A Handbook for Helpers"by Carol Painter. Training schedules are not written in stone and appropriate time will be allotted to ensure that a proper level of confidence in achieved by the students. This class is for the students and by students and our training times will be tailored to them.
Mrs. Brown

Electronic Journalism
Students in Electronic Journalism maintain the school's website and produce a monthly electronic paper that chronicles the events of the school and community.  Students learn to write in a journalistic fashion, learn responsibility, and how to handle the pressure of deadlines. Open only to Academy second and third year students.

Follow this link to the current Falcon Swoop Electronic Newspaper!

Mrs. Zimmerman

AP Psychology
A full year course designed to study the behavior of humans and our mental process using the scientific method.

- Students will learn the various perspective/approaches and the key researchers and Psychologists associated with each      perspective/approaches 
- Students will think critically about Psychology claims and studies 
- Students will discover how Psychology is used in society
Mrs. Brown

This course is the study of society and its influence on the behavior, thought processes and cultures of people all around the world.
Mrs. Brown

Spanish is a one year course that allows students to take levels I-IV. Students in Spanish I are introduced to the language and acquire a basic vocabulary. Each increment level takes students further into the language and culture.
Mrs. Hughes

Drama is a new course offered at Frazier Mountain High School. This class allows students to learn about different acting and set production skills. 
Mrs. Zimmerman

Associated Student Body
ASB is a student government program that oversees school activities. ASB is responsible for hosting most school activities such as; rallies, select dances, homecoming etc. Falcon pride is very important to ASB members so they try to incorporate that into each and everyday. It is ASB's responsibility to keep our campus running smoothly.
Mrs. Davis