Frazier Mountain High School has a dedicated staff who is committed to the education of students.  Please feel free to contact staff members with any questions you may have.

James Atkinson - Mathematics                           

Lee Bizzini - Agriculture,  AgScience, FFA
Email: lbizzini@el-tejon.org
Teacher Website: 

Sue Brown - Counselor, Psychology, Sociology, Success 101

Anna Hughes - Spanish I-IV, ELL
Email: ahughes@el-tejon.k12.ca.us
Teacher Website: https://sites.google.com/a/el-tejon.k12.ca.us/spanish-with-senora-hughes/

Sharon Lemburg - RSP
Email: slemburg@el-tejon.k12.ca.us

Tim Ellis - Art I-IV

William Shillig - Technology, Spanish I, Plato

Nicole Powell- Physical Education

Brianna White- Science

Shelley Davis- English, ASB