Testing Dates and Important Information

All SAT's are administered on Frazier Mountain High School's campus except June 7th.
Students must register themselves online for the SAT's at Collegeboard.com
See Sue Brown for help.

 DateRegister By
Late (fee's        apply)
October 11
 September 12
 September 30
November 8
 October 9
 October 28
December 6
 November 6
 November 24
January 24 December 29 January 13
March 14
 February 13
 March 3
May 2
 April 6
 April 21
 June 6
 May 8
 May 27

Frazier Mountain High School will order and administer all CAHSEE exams.   

 November 4,5  Administered to Juniors and Seniors
 February 3,4 Administered to Juniors and Seniors
 March 17,18  Administered to Sophomores
 May 12,13  Administered to Seniors

A.P. Exams
 Dates Subject
 May 4th Psychology
 May 8th 
 United States History

Student's must register themselves for the ACT at www.ACTstudent.org
Any Sophomore interested in taking the PSAT their junior year, please sign up with Ms. Brown by April.
 October 25 September 19
 December 13 November 7
 February 7
 January 9
 April 18 March 13
 June 13 May 8