Mission, Vision, and Goals

Frazier Mountain High School Expected School-Wide Learning Results

Mission Statement:

    • Frazier Mountain High School's mission is to develop academically prepared life-long learners who can take advantage of post-secondary opportunities with competent life and career skills, accept responsibility for their actions, and understand their role as a productive citizen in a democratic society through the teachings of a highly qualified staff in a secure and supportive environment.

Communicate effectively by:

    • Writing to a variety of audiences and various genres

    • Speaking formally and informally, using gestures and intonation appropriately

    • Utilizing listening skills for the purpose of understanding information and different points of view

    • Expressing ideas clearly

    • Having a basic foundation to communicate in a foreign language

    • Developing the ability to present a logical and convincing argument

Think critically by:

    • Appropriately judging the strength of an issue or argument, with respect to the authority of its foundations and its basic use of logic

    • Reading various genres and distinguishing between non-fiction and fiction

    • Discerning between fact and opinion

    • Maintaining objectivity and gathering additional information when needed

    • Applying problem-solving skills to real-life situations

    • Understanding and applying the scientific method

Develop an appreciation of creative art in its many forms and genres by:

    • Using a creative process as a means for self-expression

    • Recognizing its value and influence on society

    • Participating in activities and performances

Demonstrate readiness for the workplace by:

    • Investigating a desired career and writing a preparation plan including a resume and portfolio

    • Exhibiting habits of punctuality, participation, personal responsibility, and work ethic

    • Acting as a positive, cooperative, and responsible team member

Use technology effectively as a tool by:

    • Collecting and organizing information

    • Communicating and keeping informed

    • Presenting information in various formats

    • Analyzing numerical data

    • Evaluating the credibility and bias of sources

Be a responsible citizen of the local, national, and global community by:

    • Having an awareness of economic, social, and political issues

    • Demonstrating tolerance, sensitivity, and understanding of cultural differences

    • Recognizing a society's legal, ethical, and moral framework

    • Preparing to vote, voting, and actively participating in social issues

    • Applying lessons learned from history

Continue an active, healthy life by:

    • Learning and practicing the skills necessary to participate in many different forms of physical activity

    • Recognizing the value of physical fitness as it pertains to the prevention of disease

    • Understanding the human body systems, how they function, and what is required for life-long health