ComTec Academy

Academy Overview

The Academy is an optional program that focuses on testing students' knowledge and their ability to learn. It also tests their ability to organize the information they receive into something they can present in front of the whole class using multi-media. These presentations are called Thematics.

The Academy includes Math taught by James Atkinson and Alexandra Crane, English taught by Carolyn Chapman, and Science classes taught by Christy Zimmerman.

Since the Academy is a 3-year program, students can join during their Sophomore year. Anyone who stays all 3 years in the Academy will be able to go on the Catalina trip during their senior year. It is a 3 day stay over on Catalina island leaving Friday and coming back Sunday.

While in the Academy you will have to do the same work as non-Academy plus aforementioned Thematics, but in return, we get more field trips. During 5th period during your Junior and Senior year you will have a class called Academy Pathways where you will join one of five pathways and learn related skills in several communication and technology fields. It is suggested to join academy if you are looking for a more challenging curriculum or for more experience with post-high school life with the tours of college campuses and university campuses.

With the various challenges and rewards presented from joining Academy its easy to see why you would want to join the Academy but you only get the rewards if you can keep your grades up. If your drop too much then you will be put on probation, while on probation you will not be allowed go on field trips.

Academy Pathways

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