Tech Navigators

The Navigators are in charge of making sure all the computers throughout the school are fully operational. They are also able to learn how computers work, while also putting them together with parts provided to them by the school. This would be a great pathway to go into if you wanted to involve yourself with not only computers, but also the unique people that work within the department as well.


Our goals in navigators are to learn about various aspects of technology, from learning how to build computers and code simple programs, to learning how to make 3D models, and print them.

Normally, while we are at school, we make sure that all of the computers around the school work, and if they are broken, then we do whatever we can to try and fix them. We also focus on working on our own projects throughout the year. Finally, we help the other pathways with any computer issues that occur.


The members of our pathway have built their own computers, and organized the computer lab around the school.

What our pathway is all about:

The Navigator pathway is about making sure that all of the computers around the school are working. Navigators is also a tech-focused pathway, and our members work on their own personal projects, including 3D modeling, or even learning how to code.

Head Manager: Cedric Turner

Co-Manager: Hunter Hawley

Members: Anthony Mellon

Elijah Renfeldt

Cody Hirst

Henry Zimmerman

Leo Ayala

Joel Gonzalez

Jaden Juarez

Griffin Knight

Tommy Lantz

Michael Page

Braden Farr

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