Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations is a pathway with many different roles. Those roles being Journalism, Social Media, and Desktop Publishing. Together they all provide information about the school that you may need to know or are just curious about. To be more specific, Journalism is in charge of putting together the school newspaper that you can find in the office, writing about sports or any main events that go on with the school. Desktop publishing is in charge of putting together designs for things such as brochures, flyers, booklets, and tickets for dances/sports. Lastly, social media takes over the school website and Instagram, focusing on creating a platform that is both helpful and entertaining.


Our goals are ultimately to inform the school and community about what is going on at FMHS. Each sector within the department essentially work hand-in-hand together, advertising both online and on paper.

We strive to make our work, whether it be dance tickets, brochures, or flyers, or even our Instagram posts and stories, to be fun, informative, and engaging for the students.

Members will:

  • decide what sector of the pathway they want to join

  • Journalism:

        • work on the school newspaper

        • interview teachers and staff around campus

        • keep in touch with the events happening at the school

        • research things happening around the world

  • Desktop Publishing:

        • work on and update the school website

        • make the Homecoming book

        • make/create tickets, flyers, and other advertising strategies for school events (including dances, senior activities, etc.)

        • work on items that the community needs

  • Social media

        • run the social media pages, especially the Instagram

Check out each department for your own:

Head Manager: Alex Saenz

Desktop Publishing Manager: Sarah Hon

Journalism Manager: Stori Halfich

Social Media Manager: Michelle Hunter

Members: Jazmine Hernandez

Kelsy Zuniga

Katelyn Bernards

Victoria Sawrey

Ashley Turner

Matthew Lowe