Small Business

Small Business

Small business is a creative clothing pathway that combines embroidery and vinyl pressing. Members first create the academy polos, and then are free to create and sell anything they desire! The small business room is equipped with three embroidery machines, and a sewing machine on the way! They also have software that allows people to download any images from the internet, or present designs already downloaded to the machines. This pathway fully allows everyone to be included in the creative and designing process. Small business does plan on creating a website, as well as making the senior sweatshirts, face masks, and other clothing items. Be sure to order your items today!

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Our goals within the Small Business pathway is to produce products that are both appealing and school spirited. We also want to be better organized, in order to ensure that all of our members are included as a part of the team.

Members will:

  • make the Academy polos

  • take requests from the community and school for customized items

  • make their own creations

  • be able to sell their own work

What our pathway is all about:

Our pathway is all about creating our very own small business, by producing our own products, and selling them in a very professional manner. We encourage creativity and experimentation. We also strive to have a very organized, and work-like environment that gives members the opportunity to work in a "real-world" setting.

CEO (Embroidery): Emily Hon

CEO (Pressing): Andrea Calderon

Manager (Embroidery): Cat Castillo

Manager (Pressing): Olivia Chester

Members: Sadie Thomason

Elizabeth Arthur

Julie Silva

Sienna Carruth

Daniela Garrido

Luchi Ovalle

Abby Whitelock