Video Tech

Video Tech

Video tech explores with photo and video editing software's to produce videos and photo slideshows that promote the school for sports, rallies, and other gatherings. In video tech, you can learn and experiment with different techniques and programs for videos most recently this department has been using green screens for their latest videos. Video tech not only focuses on editing videos but also the acting, music, and small bits of animation behind it. The main goal of this department is to learn how to successfully navigate editing programs to create videos that provide entertainment for all its viewers.

Members will:

  • learn video editing and programming through Adobe Premier Pro

  • video record with professional cameras

  • create fun, semi-informative, lighthearted videos for school rallies, events, and/or for pure entertainment

  • spend typically 2-3 weeks researching, scripting, and filming scene for videos

  • spend about 3-6 days editing videos

Just this past year...we have learned more about different programs to use in our videos, while creating clips and videos with our brand new equipment (including green screens and microphones!) EXCITING THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN THIS PATHWAY!!

YouTube link:

Head Manager: Madison Glover

Co-Manager: Christopher Burket-Thoene

Members: Kristen Graham

Jake Steers

Joaquin DelReal

Nigel Sawrey

Sierra Tapia

Jordan Thomason