The yearbook department is in charge of taking pictures, and uploading and editing the photos for our school yearbook. With this department, you get to reflect back on your past years at FMHS and see all the great memories you've made! Being in the yearbook would give you the responsibility of having to take photos of any dances, games, or rallies that happen at the school.


Our goals as the yearbook crew is to ultimately finish the spreads by the end of the first semester, in order to set us up for success in finishing the yearbook on time.

We also hope to have the best yearbook as possible, capturing the memories of the students throughout the school year.

Members will:

  • work on spreads for the yearbook

  • create the yearbook and each of its pages

  • talk and discuss about page layout ideas

  • talk about how to make the yearbook better

  • discuss prices

  • decide on a suitable deadline

  • discuss how to make the yearbook correspond with the theme

What our pathway is all about:

The yearbook pathway is about capturing the high school memories of each and every student at FMHS. The yearbook also reflects on the events and lives of the students involved at the school, that everyone will be able to look back on in the future.


Gmail Account:

Instagram Account: @fraziermountainyearbook

Head Manager/Chief Editor: Elizabeth Burket-Thoene

Co-Editor: Daniela del Real

Co-Editor: Betsy Olvera

Co-Editor: Kalie Lopez

Members: Andrea Farringer

Saige Huntelman

Fanny Mosso

Tyler Rawson

Coralie Weiner