Developing well-rounded individuals involves exposing them to opportunities where they can learn more about themselves and their community, broaden their worldview, and participate in clubs that highlight their strengths. We offer clubs of common interest as well as nationally recognized clubs that offer graduation honors.


Art club offers students an opportunity to experience art beyond the classroom by promoting exposure to the art world via field trips and local exhibitions. Students visit museums, art galleries, art studios, and art exhibits as well as attend various community art events.

Art club also gives students a place to showcase their talents through school exhibits and by participating in our school mural projects.

The art club meets every Friday at lunch in the art room.

Associated Student Body (ASB)

ASB is a student government and leadership group that represents the student body. At FMHS, our ASB helps unify our student body by creating fun student events, overseeing fundraisers and service projects, and more.

Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Future Farmers of America (FFA) is a national agricultural organization. In this club, FMHS students develop leadership, public speaking, and people skills by participating in public speaking competitions, serving in the community, and organizing fundraisers.

The FFA also works with animals, plants, mechanics, welding, plumbing, saving the ecosystem of our planet, cooking, floristry, and more! Even making clothing can be an agricultural career.

We hope you’ll join us as we work together to create a better future for American agriculture. Learn more about FFA at Fraizier Mountain.

Law Enforcement Leadership Academy

FMHS Law Enforcement Leadership Academy (LELA) is a free program available to all students at Frazier Mountain High School. Students learn about law enforcement as well as gain leadership, responsibility, and teamwork skills. This club can especially benefit students who are thinking about working in law enforcement or joining the military after college.

LELA gives students the chance to participate in awesome field trips and get involved with community and school events.

Check out our LELA Facebook page.


The RISE club is for all FM High School students with special needs. Join us for fun recreation and activities and exciting field trips.

Viva! Spanish Club

VIVA Spanish Club is for all students who would like fun and engaging opportunities to speak Spanish outside the classroom and learn more about the Hispanic culture. We foster cultural interests and appreciation through music, dance, traditional celebrations, and field trip experiences.

We promote positive intercultural experiences and extend the hand of tolerance and acceptance while developing positive relationships within our school and the community.