Entrepreneur Academy

Entrepreneur Academy is an optional program that focuses on testing students’ knowledge and ability to learn. It also tests their organizational skills as they give multi-media “Thematics” presentations to their class.

Academy Classes

The Academy includes the following:

  • Math taught by James Atkinson and Alexandra Crane
  • English taught by Carolyn Chapman
  • Science taught by Christy Zimmerman

Field Trips

In addition to the Thematics presentation, students in the Academy do the same work as non-Academy students. To reward their extra effort, Entrepreneur Academy students have the advantage of taking more field trips than the rest of the student body.

A Great Experience

Join the Academy if you are looking for a more challenging curriculum or more experience with post-high-school life.

Students take the Academy Pathways class in the fifth period of their junior and senior years. There, they have the opportunity to join various pathways and learn related skills in several communication and technology fields.

Although joining the Academy program takes a lot of work, the lessons students learn and the experiences they enjoy enhance their high school years like none other and remain with them throughout their life.

Keep Your Grades Up. It’s Worth It!

Students can only reap the rewards if they keep their grades up. We put students who let their grades drop too much on probation. Students on probation cannot go on field trips.

The various challenges and rewards that come from joining Academy make it worth it!