Clubs are a great way to get students involved in their school and community. Joining a club is a lot like joining a sport - they allow students to bond with those that are like-minded and give students an opportunity to learn leadership skills and teamwork. Check out the exciting clubs FMHS has to offer and join today.


Art club offers students an opportunity to showcase their talents and to experience art beyond the classroom via field trips and local exhibitions. The art club meets every Thursday at lunch in the art room.

The art club is organized to promote more exposure in the art world. Students have an opportunity to visit museums, art galleries, art studios, art exhibits and attend events for the arts. On our campus, students participate in our mural projects for our school. We are planning to continue these plans into our community too!

National Honors Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a nationwide organization for high school students in the United States and outlying territories, which consists of many chapters in high schools. Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship (academic achievement), leadership, service, and character. The National Honor Society requires some sort of service to the community, school, or other organizations. The time spent working on these projects contributes towards the monthly service hour requirement. The National Honor Society was founded in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. The Alpha chapter of NHS was founded at Fifth Avenue High School by Principal Edward S. Rynearson in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Law Enforcement Leadership Academy:

The Law Enforcement Leadership Academy (LELA) is a new program offered to any student at Frazier Mountain high school. LELA teaches students discipline, teamwork, and good work ethic that can be used to benefit them in any career after high school.

Viva! Spanish Club

Viva! Spanish Club meets every Wednesday in Ms Hughes class